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Statistics on average salary: front-end developer UK

Statistics on average salary: front-end developer UK

Statistics on average salary: front-end developer UK

With this very article, we are launching a new series of texts where we will look at and compare different salaries. We are always attempting to stay on top of the most important facts and developments in the programming field, and it seemed only fitting to begin by sharing some statistics on the average salary for those who work as front-end developers in the UK. 

What is the average salary?

According to Adzuna, an online service that analyzes job vacancies to glean insights and statistics about salaries, job offers, and more, the average salary for front-end developers in the UK is right under sixty thousand pounds a year, which is almost three fourths as much as the general average salary for the country. 

Front-end developer salary in London? 

It may come as no surprise to most, that the average salary for front-end developers in London is higher than for the rest of the UK. Compared to the sixty thousand pounds that developers in the country as a whole earn, those in London collect a salary of seventy-two thousand pounds each year, which is twelve thousand more, or one-third – a noticeable difference, to say the least. 

Highest front end developer salary by city (after London)

By steering our gaze towards the performance of other cities, we see that Gloucester and The City come out right behind London, with an average salary of sixty-eight and sixty-seven thousand pounds for front-end developers, respectively. In some cities like Essex and Lancashire, however, the average drops well below sixty thousand, where developers earn fifty-five thousand pounds per year. 

Yearly development in the average salary of front-end developers in the UK?

On a different, note, we can see that the salaries for front-end developers in the UK as a whole are increasing faster than in London. For the former, the yearly swelling comes out at 6 percent, – for the latter, 1.5 percent. This difference is only natural, given that London’s average salary, already being the highest in the country, would have a hard time keeping up with the same percentage-wise increase as other cities with a lower starting point. 

In the case that the above statistics have roused your programmer instincts, you may graze the vast collection of front-end developer jobs that are featured on CW Jobs, the leading UK IT job board. Best of luck!

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